Starting the Process – Assessment:

Our assessment process provides recommendations and referrals designed to help individuals and families make informed decisions about the next step. These recommendations may include residential primary care treatment, non- residential treatment or referrals to physicians, mental health practitioners, or other helping professionals.


Our beautiful rooms are designed to give clients a private, confidential and safe environment where then can explore and identify the changes they require to make in themselves and their environment, enabling them to find the peace of mind they desire.

Our counsellors guide each client through the treatment experience, arranging for and accessing resources as clinically appropriate. Individual psychological therapy is goal directed, with the client focusing on attitude change and skill development to reduce emotional stress while strengthening social and interpersonal skills. Our counselling service is also of great help to people who have recently completed treatment and are getting back to work or home life.

Family Care:

Matt Talbot Counselling & Education Service helps families and friends affected by addiction rebuild their lives. We understand that recovery from addiction also involves rebuilding relationships with family members. Through Matt Talbots' family programs, clients and family members receive education, guidance and support to achieve a healthier way of life.

Educational Workshops & Presentations:

All clients gain essential knowledge and insight about addiction through the wisdom and experience of staff and guest speakers. Therapeutic lectures cover topics relevant to individuals, families and the community. Presenters including Matt Talbot Counsellors, Consultants, and other invited speakers, offer insight education & inspiration about important treatment concepts such as acceptance, co-dependency and the journey of addiction and recovery. Some of our workshop are run with our associates CA Coaching.